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Columbia River Gorge
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Who We Are

We originate creative strategies with efficiency and personal dedication

Our mission is confidence

When our clients select a law firm, they want to know they have made the right choice. In everything we do, Davis Rothwell strives to deliver on our mission of confidence — through expertise, transparency, and guidance. Our clients know they can put their trust in us, no matter what. To us, confidence means delivering peace of mind.


Our core values

Davis Rothwell team members strive to live our core values every day. They are the foundation of our company — we live, breathe, and believe in these foundational tenets. Every decision we make aligns with our values and supports the company’s mission of confidence.

Solve efficiently

The attorneys at Davis Rothwell are widely known for their ability to deliver legal services in a timely and cost-effective manner. But efficiency goes beyond just timeline and budgets: it means constantly thinking about more effective ways of serving our clients. When you put your trust in us, you can count on a consistent, thoughtful approach to case resolution.

Think creatively

No two claims are exactly alike — and as such, we strive to find creative solutions at every turn. By examining situations in new ways, we’re able to develop original arguments and craft precedents to fit your case. We encourage our attorneys to look deeper for unique perspectives on every challenge.

Take the high road

At Davis Rothwell, we know that nothing is more important than integrity. This means open, honest communication, following through on all commitments, and holding ourselves personally accountable to meet the needs of our clients. We treat people with respect and dignity, and handle every case with an unwavering moral compass.

Earn loyalty

We know that everyone — from our clients to prospective team members — has a choice when it comes to selecting a law firm. As such, we take our responsibility to earn your confidence seriously. At every interaction, we’ll be working to ensure you’ve made the right decision.

A vision of continued excellence

At Davis Rothwell, we are constantly moving toward our company vision – to cultivate top talent, earn the most challenging cases, and grow our legacy of excellence as the first choice defense litigation firm in each regional market we serve.


Brand story

dr-logoIf you’re familiar with Davis Rothwell, you may notice we’re looking a bit different lately. The firm underwent a visual transformation, to better represent what we have always stood for internally.

Our new logo is an abstraction of river curvature, a nod to the Columbia River that characterizes the regional markets Davis Rothwell serves. The movement of the water signifies agility and responsiveness, while the timeless nature of the landscape conveys permanence and reliability.

The Columbia River is also a milestone on the journey of Sacagawea and Lewis and Clark. Davis Rothwell’s expert legal guidance echoes their voyage —both as a mark of local heritage and a key piece of our national history.

Our brand is an outward expression of the internal drivers that have always been present in our firm — guiding our clients through legal landscapes with experience, expertise, and thoughtfulness.


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