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Oregon Supreme Court Expands Application of Statutory Damages Cap

Jonathan Henderson During a wave of tort reform that swept the country in the 1980’s, the Oregon legislature enacted a cap limiting recovery of noneconomic damages to $500,000. That statute is still on the books today. But in the years since its enactment, the cap has been deemed…

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Heather Beasley Oregon Revised Statute 742.061 allows an insured to recover attorney fees from its insurer after a successful lawsuit on the insurance policy.  Attorney fees are allowed when the action is filed in an Oregon court, the parties fail to reach settlement within six months from proof…

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Bad Faith Bill Fails to Pass Oregon Legislature

 Elizabeth Lampson A broad, proposed insurance bad faith statute failed to pass the Oregon 2016 legislative session. The Oregon legislature had a short 35-day session in February 2016, its off-year from a regular session.  Typically, sweeping new legislation is not introduced in an off-year session, due to the…

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