Davis Rothwell has been litigating agricultural claims for over 30 years – including claims of defective products or equipment used for agricultural purposes, fire claims, and many trials to verdict.

Claimed damages typically include injuries, property damage, lost profits (including items such as damage to reputation, loss of selective breeding benefits, and loss of rental income), as well as lost business opportunities.


Our attorneys have extensive experience with agricultural claims in Oregon and Washington at the state, federal, and appellate court level, including:

  • Claims involving defective feed, vitamins, minerals, and other supplements
  • Claims involving dairy cows, beef cattle, hogs, chickens, milk, and eggs
  • Claims involving misrepresentations about products used in agriculture (such as “natural,” “organic,” “does not contain animal byproducts”) and the manufacture of such products
  • Claims involving issues over the conduct of salespeople or field representatives
  • Farm and agricultural fire loss cases, including causation of and damages to personal or real property as well as those involving the proper measure of damages
  • Claims involving improper recommendations regarding, and applications of, fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides
  • Claims involving allegedly defective fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides, or issues over labeling of such products