Davis Rothwell represents clients in both commercial and residential property leases. Landlords who find themselves with a tenant who will not pay rent or otherwise comply with the terms of their lease, can be placed in a precarious financial situation. Likewise, claims by tenants against landlords come in many forms – including habitability violations leading to personal injury, breach of notice requirements, and property loss.

We understand the multiplicity of issues that can arise when a landlord initiates and prosecutes an eviction, and are attuned to the many procedural safeguards that exist in the law for tenants. We strive to help landlords take the best course of action in handling claims against, and by, tenants.

The laws surrounding tenants and housing are constantly changing, and Davis Rothwell works hard to make sure that our clients get the best result to protect their valuable investments in their property.


We litigate Landlord-Tenant cases in Oregon and Washington state courts. At the appellate level, we have been successful in upholding favorable trial court results.

Davis Rothwell has extensive experience defending property managers and owners against all types of claims made by tenants – whether the claims are initiated by the tenant or made in response to an action by a landlord. We also represent property managers and owners in Forcible Entry and Detainer (eviction) actions against tenants. Our experience includes handling low income housing (Section 8) tenants.

We have successfully represented clients on cases involving habitability issues including faulty subflooring, pests, stairwells, mold, lighting, walkways, and a myriad of other alleged problems. We have defended claims of notice violations and improper disposal of personal property. We also provide assistance to clients in eviction actions. Our attorneys have been allowed at times to represent out-of-state commercial owners in Oregon small claims courts, and have obtained verdicts in favor of the clients in all cases.


Our attorneys teach continuing legal education courses related to defense of claims against landlords. Our attorneys’ practice in this area has also contributed to the preeminent “AV” rating by Martindale Hubbell.