Professionals and insurance companies have turned to us throughout the years for high quality representation in healthcare defense. We provide malpractice and license protection coverage for doctors, nurses, dentists, and various other treatment providers and facilities. We also regularly defend pharmacies and pharmacists against claims related to the filling and dispensing of prescription medications. Davis Rothwell takes great pride in representing the members of the medical community.

Healthcare providers are not infallible, and the law does not hold them to a standard of perfection. Our attorneys understand that bad outcomes can occur even with the best of care, and know how to defend the distinction between a bad outcome and negligence.


Our lawyers have been representing clients in the healthcare arena for over 30 years. Davis Rothwell has experience litigating healthcare, pharmacy, and medical malpractice cases in Oregon and Washington state courts, as well as in federal courts.

Our firm represents doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, and various other treatment providers, such as EMTs, paramedics, ambulance services, nursing facilities, and addiction treatment providers, in all aspects of civil litigation. We also represent clients in matters concerning professional discipline and licensing issues. We defend allegations against practitioners of various specialties, involving a wide range of treatment issues.

Success in this area is the result of our extensive contacts in the community, our abundant expert resources, and the firm’s strong commitment to continued medical and legal training of its associates. Additionally, we have remained on the cutting edge of technological advances in both the office and courtroom settings.


Through zealous advocacy, we have obtained numerous dismissals through motion practice, and successfully guided various professionals through the regulatory agency complaint process, without discipline.