Davis Rothwell is experienced in handling defense of trademark infringement and dilution claims. These matters arise when there is an alleged violation of an exclusive right attached to trademark, when authorization is not granted by the trademark owner or licensee.

Even small business owners can be subject to such claims unintentionally, as disputes often arise when a mark is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark of another in regards to their products or services.


Trademark cases may be pursued in either Oregon federal district court or in state courts. Most often federal and state laws are implicated and must be defended in the same action. Our firm has defended these cases in both venues.

Our lawyers have decades of experience in both state and federal court, navigating the complexities of trademark litigation. In addition to potentially voluminous discovery, complicated issues of insurance and funding can also arise. Remedies analysis can be onerous, and our attorneys are experienced in evaluating appropriate remedies and creative problem-solving for cost-effective resolution.